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​Dumplings and Beer is the creation of Founder Rose. She has lived a colourful life.
Her mother was a Manchurian Princess in China, due to political pressure on her family 

she fled to Australia with her young siblings. The family would make dumplings in their new home as a way of nurturing the culture which they left behind. 

Rose became a doctor and practiced that profession for many years. However, it was
her vision to create a dining experience that projects the authenticity of its origins in
a based around the dumplings which she used to make with her family.

This intricacy of traditional dumpling making remained part of her cultural identity
until she decided to bring her passion into reality by creating Dumplings and Beer 
It is an experience close to her heart and continues the traditions of her family.


The Dumplings and Beer brand experience is driven by a communal sharing of
delicious dishes in a relaxed and authentic setting. The stores create a sense of
theatre through their fit outs and menu. This theatre amplifies the customer
experience and allows them to connect with both the food and the brand itself.

The Dumplings and Beer menu is based on dishes which use secret family recipes
that date back generations to create full flavoured, unique tastes. The restaurant experience is a relaxed affordable, delicious and familiar. Rose has put her heart
into the brand and the food.

Dumplings and Beer is the new standard in affordable fast-casual dining bringing
to life both its origins and the authentic nature of its food.


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